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Taste in Space!

I was listening to Episode 52 of the great podcast “Probably Science” the other day, and I learned a nifty little tidbit about astronauts and food.Apparently, we taste more by way of smell, than by our actual tastebuds. This idea led to the comment that astronauts have to use tons of sauce and spice on their food in order to actually taste anything, because there is less oxygen in space for smell molecules to make it from the food to your nose.


I didn’t know that, but thought it was interesting.Actually, I just remembered that as a kid, I was told to plug my nose when eating food that I didn’t like the taste of so I wouldn’t smell it and be too grossed out to get through it. I never made the connection. I thought it was purely a psychological thing (I was also told to close my eyes).
Personally, I’m not a fan of spicy food, but it does seem that I have extra sensitive senses compared to average (hearing, tactile, auditory), so I guess I just don’t need my food slathered in hot tamales!
Also, in case you didn’t know, apparently the whole “taste zones” on the tongue is totally a myth. It doesn’t matter where on your tongue sweet stuff lands, you’ll still smell the sweet. So rest easy and don’t worry about trying to tactically taste your turkey dinner!

Finding Meaning vs Creating Meaning

This is part of the origin story of this site. If you’re interested on what factors and ideas combined to help spur it into existence, read on!

burdened with glorious purposeI tweak my twitter bio from time to time, one incarnation of it concluded the statement “if I can’t find meaning, I’ll create it”.

I posted that sentiment on facebook yesterday and had a friend ask me “what is the difference?”

Good question, allow me to answer!

To me, “finding meaning” is more about seeking it externally, trying to find opportunities to ‘get to’ do what you want to do, ie allowing others to dictate your happiness and the terms by which you live. “Creating meaning” is more about rolling up your sleeves and making your own opportunity, living on your own terms. If you want to do X but no one will hire you or give you a chance to do X, then what else can you do but manufacture a way for yourself to get to do it? Continue reading

Curious Origins

opening dayHi! Welcome to the site! I’m glad you found your way here, however you did.

Today is the birth of an idea, or perhaps more accurately, the birth of a home for ideas.

As you can read about on the about page, I started this site because I do a lot of reading, thinking and asking questions, I learn many things on a regular basis, and I like sharing these things with other people (and hopefully having a discussion about them).

I’m very naturally curious and as it turns out, also a Scanner Personality Type, fortunately for me I have become a good self-directed learner and have been able to learn about a lot of the things I am interested in.

This site exists to share ideas, knowledge and insight. I’m not going to pretend to be some all-knowing genius, I just like learning and I know there’s so many things I don’t yet know or understand so I’m just going to keep at it. The more you know, the better you can fare in everyday life. I have observed that many problems arise from lack of information, misunderstandings, or people believing things that they’ve heard but that aren’t actually true (such as peeing on a jellyfish sting is actually not a surefire cure – it could actually make it worse!).

I’ll be sharing what I learn on a wide variety of topics – natural sciences, self-identity and awareness, psychology/neurology, learning styles, sexuality, I even hope to help bust some myths and break some stigmas along the way!

So, I’m just going to share the things I learn in my travels here for you, and hopefully you’ll share what you know back in the comments and we can all benefit.

Hope you enjoy learning with me, and if you do, tell your friends to come learn with us too.