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Form vs Function – True strength vs just a good looking body

form vs functionBack in the spring, I joined a local gym and decided I was going to end the days of “Adam the tall scrawny white guy”. I’ve always been very lean, and despite 5 straight months of dedication, I didn’t gain a ton of size (but enough that a few people commented, mainly on my arms).

One of my friends posted this on facebook not too long ago, and it surprised me, because it goes against what most people (including myself) tend to think.

I can’t post the full size image on here, so here’s what it says:

Consider the body type you see on a Mr. Universe contestant. These competitions stress definition more than usefulness. In fact, when you see these guys in competition, they’re at their weakest. That saran wrap skin look comes from starving and dehydrating themselves. This look stresses upper body bulk and a trim waist. In short, this is body sculpture for the sake of show, not real power.”

The bottom one:

Versus the body type you see at a strongman competition. These guys are legitimately strong. They are all about actual function and do not care about sculptured fat-free bodies. In fact, if a person puts on a lot of muscle bulk without fat in a short time, it suggests steroid use. They have very thick waists because all of the core muscles right through the torso are developed to prevent spinal damage and herniating organs during heavy lifting. This is the body of a guy who fights bears on a mountain“.

The “Mr. Universe” looking guy, as the graphic explains, is at his weakest because of the dietary and dehydration methods required to achieve that look (I had no idea!). The “true strength” guy actually looks kinda chunky. But that is how the guys who toss trees (cabers) look. Their core strength is insane. To quote the graphic “this is the body of a guy who fights bears on a mountain”.

I thought I would share this with you for interest sake. If you have a partner and they are coming home from the gym looking like the first form, they may want to modify their routine and not leave their core under-developed.

See the full-size image here.

One crazy basement, one crazy attic

Believe it or not, I found these separately, months apart, but they are eerily similar.

The first is a photo set about a very unusual “secret basement” one person found in their new apartment. “Amazing secret dungeon discovered under my new apartment”. It’s kind of like opening a closet door and on the other side is a whole different world from a whole different time.

Which is the same kind of thing we have in the second example: “They Found A Secret Door In Their Attic. Just Wait Til You See What Was Inside”. Perhaps a little less scary/creepy, but still, wow.

This is what randomly monitoring social media feeds of other curious people gets me. I just happen to remember when I see related things (I mentally bookmark them) and now I can share them here!

Your country’s flag has never been tastier

Bit of an odd and creative one today, here is a neat project I stumbled upon on

“National flags created from the foods that each country is commonly associated with”

Here’s an example:

Is your country in the mix? Sadly, Canada is not. But The USA is:

FYI Cold Season and anti-bacterial soap

its a virusCold season is upon us. Thanks to a reminder from IFLS, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post here on the topic.

My sister is a microbiologist. She has been telling me (and the whole family) for years, DON’T over-use anti-bacterial soap. Heck, maybe don’t even use it at all. Regular bar soap is totally sufficient.

We actually have tons of natural, non-malicious bacteria on our skin (and in our gut). It’s supposed to be there. From i09:

At any given time, the microbes inside of our bodies outnumber our own cells by at least 10 to 1. In general, these tiny organisms are harmless — and often beneficial — to us, but some bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoan parasites cause nasty diseases.

There is both good and bad bacteria, however, there are only bad viruses. And viruses aren’t technically alive, even though they behave like it (they need a host). So while anti-bacterial soap can help kill bacteria on your skin that might pose a risk of infection (were you to have an open wound), or from getting in through an orifice and getting you sick, anti-bacterial soap doesn’t and can’t kill virsues. Continue reading

What’s in a name?

Just found this very interesting video on the Vsauce channel:

One fact I picked up from this that I hadn’t previously known, is that the UN has mandated that every human being deserves a name. I mean, it seems logical, but I didn’t know there was an actual mandate for it. I guess otherwise you could… not name your kids? But I don’t know why you’d do that. It would get pretty annoying to always be saying “hey! you! come here”.

But lots of other good info in there too. Like you’ll learn about different types of names, and some interesting facts and stats about names and initials.

(PS – those Swedes know how to protest in style!)

The ultimate in off-grid living

You don’t hear of stories like this too often. I only know of a few myself. There’s an elderly woman in Siberia who has been living in a remote camp miles from civilzation, for decades. There’s a man who lives in a cave and his only “possessions” were items that strangers had brought to him and left in his cave (but people could also take anything there as he didn’t believe in ownership).

Now I’ve found this. This man is still fairly fresh into his journey, but seems like he’s doing just fine. He has been living off the grid for 14 months. No job, no money.

In that video, he demonstrates something I have also seen Continue reading

What’s the Difference Wednesday (WTDW) – The First!

I had an idea today for a new feature for this site. You know how sometimes there are 2 similar concepts you’ve heard about, or 2 things that are related but you’re not quite sure what the difference is? Well hey, why don’t I help with that!

Things like: Accounting vs Bookkeeping, American Rules Football vs Australian Rules Football, Coke vs Pepsi (okay, not really on that last one). Of course I’m going to try and get a bit more cerebral with it. Like today! Well, sort of.

Today I’m going to tell you about the difference between Prescriptive Language and Descriptive Language. Or rather, Mary Rolf is. Continue reading

From the Reddit Files – Reality TV Relationships

I was reading reddit last night (good ol’ Today I Learned section), and found an interesting one:

“None of The Bachelor winning couples (over 16 seasons) have remained married”

The comments ranged from the predictable to the genuinely thoughtful. Oh, and this is interesting:

Jason, the guy from Kirkland WA, married the girl he chose from the show. She wasn’t the technical winner, because he decided he wanted the runner up instead, after the final show aired. He broke up with her at the follow-up ceremony thing, and got back together with number 2 girl, Molly. They are now married and have a kid together.

Sort of a silver lining? And also technically a happy ending.

What was also interesting that popped up in the comments, was that more “lasting relationships” have resulted from The Biggest Loser, than from either The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Take from that what you will.

I don’t think it means what you think it means

Have you ever had one of those moments where you realized that you think about a particular word or concept in one very specific way, even though it has multiple meanings or possibilities?

Two examples come to mind for me.

The first is extinction. When I say extinction, what is the first thing you think of? Probably dinosaurs, right? Me too. But dinosaurs are certainly not the only species that have gone extinct (or are close to it), they are just the most popular, best known example. It occurred to me that we often think about dinosaurs and talk about the time when they lived and how they perished. Yet there doesn’t seem to be a lot of talk, or sufficient awareness of species that are almost extinct right now, or what we can even do to remedy this. So, while I stop to take a second to consider this, why don’t you as well.

The second is “technology”. Again, what is the first thing you think of? Probably your smart phone, your laptop, or maybe your car. But technically, “technology” is “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry”. A hammer is technically “technology” (it is a rock attached to a stick that can be used to bash things). It’s considerably “low tech” at this point, but it’s still technology. So is a pencil. I lose perspective on this often because we have come so far with creating cool gadgets and devices. But don’t forget, if we got hit with an EMP, suddenly our smart phones and tablets and laptops would become glorified paperweights, and pencil and paper would be “high tech”.

Video: When was it a million seconds ago? (brain teaser)

I’m not going to spoil this one for you, but I couldn’t even come up with a decent guess myself. Hooray for non brain crushing brain teasers!

Bon appetite, number nerds!