Monthly Archives: May 2016

Mid 2016 Update + Patreon!

Hello dear reader. Adam here again with a quick update.

Even though this site has been on hiatus for a while, it’s still getting a surprising amount of traffic (which I guess speaks to the quality of the content the blog contains), so I’m happy to pop back in periodically and let you know that the same writer/curator of that content is still writing and curating new stuff, just not at this location anymore (at least, for now).

I have been thinking about maybe trying to reboot this in some form, but certain circumstances must exist again for that to happen. What I’ve realized lately is that I am in fact addicted to learning and to personal growth, which was the guiding force of this site in the first place. I’m never going to stop wanting to learn and grow, and share what I learn and how I’ve grown.

I’ve done that sharing in various forms – writing, podcasting (interviews), public speaking, and more. I like all these things and want to keep “doing all the things” and so I have finally whipped myself into shape and created a Patreon page – So please, if you value the work I do, consider tossing a couple bucks my way to allow me to do more of it.

(for the time being, all my previously produced/freely released material will remain that way)

In the meantime, here are the latest three pieces I have written:

> The Art of Hockey – A Fandom in Four Parts
> Work Ethic and Relationships — Wisdom From Taylor Swift’s Former Manager
> Why Do You Only Love Them If They Can Dance?

And my latest 3 ebooks:

> The Curiosity Guide to Distinctions
> The Curiosity Guide to Restore Your Faith in Good People
> The Curiosity Resource Guide to Job Hunting the Smart Way

Thanks for reading and sharing, and stay tuned for more curated learning from Adam Emanon!