flag-large-sq-lighter2Hi! my name is Adam and I’m a naturally curious person. I really like learning more about how the world around me works. I do a lot of personal research to answer the questions that pop into my head. I’m a science enthusiast and love a good discussion of science, philosophy, the human condition and more.

This blog exists to share what I learn, and also allow people to share back, if they want.

I recommend reading this post about “Hackschooling”, or how to enjoy learning and be happy and healthy in life. I didn’t come up with it, but I have been doing it and believe in the idea! This also ties into the idea of a Polymath, or someone who does not specialize but rather learns about a wide variety of different things so they can use diverse knowledge to solve unique problems.

How this all got started (or why I made a website for it)

I had been posting a lot of articles, images and videos on Facebook, things that I found fascinating or important to know about – in hopes that my friends would pop up and go “hey, that’s interesting!” and have a dialogue with me about it. While this did happen sometimes, on Facebook only 200 odd people see it, so it didn’t happen as often as I might like.

One day, after posting something, a friend of mine sent me this message privately:

“Hey I just gotta say that you’re quickly becoming one of my favourite people to read on facebook,
I get tired of negative status updates and crappy pics of animals or people being stupid that actually reading someone who posts insightful stuff is SO refreshing. Love it!”

The “aha!” moment

Literally a couple of days later, I found the website Puttylike and read founder Emilie Wapnick’s book “Renaissance Business”. Her and I share a personality type that goes by several names (“Scanner”, “Renaissance Soul”, “Multipotentialite”), which leads us to be interested in a lot of different things, but not want to have to commit to any one thing only, forever. Her book explains you how you can take a bunch of different interests and turn them into a project (or ideally, a business) to do something you love and that adds value to the world. I love sharing ideas and having meaningful discussions about them, so I wanted to create a forum for that. Plus this way these ideas and information won’t be limited to just my friends on Facebook.

Some people only do “research” when they need an answer. I’m pretty much the opposite, I am constantly reading and absorbing new information and actively asking “what can I learn from this that will benefit me or someone I know?”. Turns out this process is called “curation”. Finding the good stuff and collecting it somewhere.

So I figured why not start a blog to share my curated findings? I’m learning as I go, like everyone else, and I’ve found that reading a good curated source can help you reach insights much faster than stumbling upon them on your own.

This blog has been evolving over time.

Curiosity… Crossroads?

You might be thinking “Okay, I get the first half of the website name, but why crossroads?”. Well, the way I see it, many pivotal moments in life are essentially crossroads – where to go to college (and what to major in), whether or not to date (or marry) someone, whether or to take a job, freelance or start your own business, etc. When you are naturally curious you will much more quickly find the necessary answers and insights to aid these decisions so you hopefully choose the right road. Curiosity has led me to countless crossroads, and still does regularly. I consider my natural, innate curiosity a gift that has served me well. I get excited about learning and information, and want to get you excited about it too. Maybe you can even share back things your own curiosity or crossroads lessons have taught you and we can all benefit.

Education is the answer

In talking to various people since before I started this site, right up to the present, it has become clear to me that “intelligence isn’t just about what you know, it’s also about what you do with that knowledge, how you use it”. Many problems result from misinformation or incomplete understandings of things, and in part I want to fix that here. That is why I post about a variety of different topics and issues. The better informed we are, the better choices we are empowered to make for ourselves and those we care about.

By taking a positive and proactive attitude and step towards disseminating information, and being excited about learning and correcting faulty thinking, I am hoping to motivate and inspire others to also practice positive intellectualism. You can be a genius but if you’re an arrogant, condescending jerk about it, that’s not helping anyone. But if you are a genius and yet carry yourself knowing that there is always something else to learn, others will see that and be encouraged rather than dissuaded. Don’t help vilify intelligence. Be an example of why people should want to be smart.


Since I started this blog in October 2013, I have had the opportunity to write a lot about the process of learning and trying to figure out what I want to do with myself. Beyond the concept of a scanner, I discovered another term: “Polymath”. I ended up doing a presentation on all of this:

My focus now is just continuing to learn, promote learning and keep growing this site as a source of information and resources.

Spell Check

Interestingly enough, while yes I am Canadian (and we tend to use the letter U in a lot of words that Americans don’t), Curious and Curiosity are in fact spelled differently. Curious has 2 u’s but Curiosity only has 1. I don’t know why, but that’s how it is. Don’t worry though, if you were to accidentally type www.curiousitycrossroads.com, you’d still get here. I made sure of it!

The Next (Most Interesting) Step

Curiosity Crossroads (in its original form) ran from Sept 2013 to Oct 2014, and then went on hiatus. In June 2016, it is being semi-resurrected to serve as the launch pad for a new project which has similar goals and outcomes.

The Most Interesting Thing Project is my new endeavor, which combines the blog/research/writing element of what this site was, and the interview/multimedia portion of another former project – the Noise in my Head podcast. I have resumed interviewing people in search of insights, wisdom, and perspective, and am once again curating and writing about things I learn in passing (just not to the same extent as previously).

My hope is that this new project will take off more and receive some audience interaction. It’s not such much about creating a dialogue as collecting ideas and voices.

If you’re a naturally curious person who likes to learn as much as I do, send your submissions to mostinterestingproject@gmail.com.