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2015 retrospective and new project “Creativity Crossroads”

Curiosity Crossroads has been on “indefinite hiatus” for quite some time as you may know. In 2015, I switched my focus to compiling curated ebooks on a variety of topics with the goal being to help teach people and share valuable information in a more substantial form.

This series of “learning guides” I dubbed “The Curiosity Guide To” series.
In 2015, I completed the following:
Guide to Computer Programming for Beginners
Guide to Japanese for Beginners
Guide to English for native Spanish speakers
Guide to Superstition, Phobia, Luck, and Fear
Guide to Logical Fallacies
Guide to Educational Podcasts and YouTube channels
<a class="markup–anchor markup–p-anchor" href=" viagra kaufen spanien.pdf” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” data-href=””>Guide to Heavy Metal music with clean singing
Guide of Curated Quotes on Life, Love, Leadership, Happiness, and More

Two more published in January:

Guide to Personal Identity Concepts
Guide to Negative, Manipulative, Toxic and Abusive People

Published in February:

Guide to Restore Your Faith In Good People

Creative Lapse

However, 2015 was not the most creative year for me, I sort of sacrificed that in large part to make headway on research/writing. But! It is a new year, new circumstances, and I decided it was time to tap back into my creativity. So I started a new project which I dubbed “Creativity Crossroads”. It’s a simpler blog, meant to showcase the various different things I create (whether music, poetry, photos, art, or designs).

Noise in my Head (again)

This morning I also sent out a batch of initial emails to people who I want to interview for a reboot of my old podcast. I don’t know yet what will happen with that, but it’s something I’d like to do again, even if not as regularly as before.

There are also a few other ideas I’m kicking around in my head, so keep your eyes peeled on Creativity Crossroads and for new developments!

Doing too many things at once… as usual

Hi folks, just wanted to give a heads up – I have had an idea for a new podcast series that I’m going to be doing over the next several weeks. It’s called “Why I Changed My Mind”. Regular readers of this blog will know I’m constantly reading, seeking out new perspectives, information and insights, to honour a phrase I came up with earlier this year: “Don’t be afraid to be wrong, be afraid to not know better”.

I’ve changed my mind on a lot of important things in my life, and as I get ever more obsessed with curation and with organizing my history to help give me direction going forward, I thought it would be fun and interesting to catalogue the reasons I changed my mind, in an organized, structured way. I plan to write out my thoughts/reasons, and provide a transcript for the episodes.

The reason I’m mentioning this now, is because my podcast had been on indefinite hiatus until I figured out what I wanted to do next. I was going to spend more time here again, but I seem to be happiest when bouncing around between my projects as impulse dictates, not holding myself to a specific release schedule.

I’ve actually also created two other new secondary blogs, which I will link to in the future when they’re a little more fleshed out. They are both journals essentially – one is my bucket list journal, one is my dating and relationships journal. I just really enjoy writing (and talking about) my experiences, and giving myself more ways to do so makes me happy.

So, business will continue here, mostly as usual, but stay tuned for some new off-blog content to check out soon 🙂

Cell Fate Conversion in the form of a subway-like map

This one I found on twitter. I find these sorts of visualizations both cool, and helpful for understanding something I would otherwise have a very hard time wrapping my head around. I like maps, and visualizations!

From GenEngNews, “Mapping Cell Fate Conversion via CellNet, a Network Biology Tool”.


Glitch Textiles: hacking a circuit board to make unique art (and blankets)

Phillip Stearns likes to hack circuit boards. Check out what he makes when he does so: