Using science to enhance taste

I’m admittedly not super pleased with this idea, it feels overly manipulative but since it is real science, and is something I think people should know about, I’m posting it.

From CBC, “Food cravings engineered by industry”:

Food scientists have even studied the architecture of the mouth. In a paper published in the Journal of Biomechanics, scientists from the Nestlé Research Center examined the “detection mechanisms in the oral cavity,” to study how well the mouth could detect the thickness of a plastic disc placed on the tongue. The researchers created a model that would predict the load exerted on the disc when it was deformed by the tongue.

Three years later, Nestlé announced a new chocolate with a shape based on the geometry of the mouth, that hits “certain areas of the oral surface, improving the melt-in-mouth quality while simultaneously reserving enough space in the mouth for the aroma to enrich the sensorial experience,” the press release announced.

Pretty crazy stuff. There is seemingly very little science can’t be used to “enhance”.

Care to share your thoughts?