Curiosity Recap (Week in Review, Oct 26, 2013)

recapsmallDid You Know Animals Think Like People – Animal fMRIs and speech pathology
“Curiosity is the greatest human quality” – Hank Green – And I couldn’t agree more.
Two interesting uses of light – make internet go faster, make huts less dark.
Resources Page Update – added 2 new items to the resources page. Podcast + YouTube.

More great life advice in a handy list – 10 great tips for everyone to be happier and more successful in relationships.
Did You Know – A Pacemaker can be Hacked? – Apparently, yes.
Girls + Soccer = Science? – A short post about how there is a link between kids getting more exercise and being better at science in school.
On letting go – Everything from ideas to people or relationships, we need to know our limits, because if we over-extend, the stuff that really matters will suffer. (See also: this)
Did You Know – Prime Numbers and Encryption – I heard on a podcast that prime numbers make for great encryption tools and explain why in my cute little non-expert way. Also a couple good reader comments on this one!
The first photograph ever taken – close encounters of the visual (and old) kind
Helping Instead of Arresting – a nice short human interest story 🙂
Another reason to hate bras – Found a funny little fact on twitter. Bra haters rejoice.
Don’t like doing your quote homework? Let this guy do it for you – I found a website dedicated to researching the origin of quotes. How convenient!
So, what’s the deal with Polyamory? – I take a look at, and try to understand and explore the merits of Polyamory, as an open-minded monogamous person, just trying to be aware of my options.
Did You Know – The Great Search for the Loch Ness Monster – Was reminded this was a thing, did some quick research to see what the latest news is.
Artist Focus – I shine the spotlight on the work of 4 artists who I think are worth checking out. 3 visual, 1 auditory.
Resource Round-Up (Week 2) – A list of the links I added to the resources page this week.
Face-a-Fear Friday – the latest installment, this week, fear of posting something controversial!
IMPORTANT > Before you share a missing person photo on social media – What you should know before you do this. You could endanger someone’s life if you aren’t careful.
A good slam poem about body image issues – Lily Myers breaks it down for us, with personal insight.

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