Curiosity Recap (Week in Review Dec 8, 2013)

Lots of “field research” this week. Tested the limits of my introvert battery. More posts to come next week!

recapsmallForget WHAT you think, here’s HOW you think – a short video explaining how our brains function and process the input we take it.
[Vice] Making Peace With Porn – Vice features an interview with Author Allison Vivas about her book “Making Peace with Porn”
Polyphasic Sleep – sleep less, but be more productive? Where do we sign up, right?

How to increase blood flow to your brain – What I found when I went looking for advice on how to alleviate the migraines I regularly experience
Cognitive Seance – How should gender shape language? – I attended a discussion through a local Cognitive Science student group (though I am not a student myself). This is my (in)complete recap (it’s hard to summarize a deep and detailed 3 hour discussion in a blog post).
Go halfsies, help fight hunger – An organization that helps give you a healthier portion size and also feed more people who need to get fed
“Reasonable Limits” and Law School – a brief bit about a lawsuit I heard about, and an article about law school woes
Genealogy and you – I attended a talk about DNA sequencing and ancestry, and I bring you some things to think about
Toronto area science, philosophy, art and curiosity related groups and events – I do a roundup of local groups and spaces where a GTA resident can go to learn, do, think or talk about sciency stuff
Why aren’t there more women working in STEM fields? – a video from Emily Grasilie tells us why – plus – a whole slew of woman-fronted YouTube channel links. I recommend sharing this video with any guys you know who might benefit from a bit of perspective.
Some social psychology highlights – the things we do and why we do them. Once you know the why, you can work on catching yourself for the better.

And an update was made to the Resources page again this week.

Last week’s recap.

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