5 thoughts on “Important – BEFORE you share that Missing Person post on Facebook, Know This

  1. Lesley Anne Kinney

    If people just checked these stories before sharing them, none of this would happen. Missing person? Check the news and make sure the police really are concerned. I never share anything unless I know personally that it is true. Check with Snopes or Google. I can’t believe some of the stupid stuff people share on FB

    1. AdamEmanon

      Hi Lesley, thanks for your comment.

      Perhaps checking the news (specifically) isn’t always an effective way to go, as the missing person may not be from a local area, for all anyone knows the missing person might be from across the country. Checking google and snopes is a good suggestion.

      Unfortunately yes, many things get shared on facebook without much second thought, it’s true, but most of it is not AS dangerous as this.

      The lesson is, do your research and read carefully. This information will help people do better in future, and that’s what’s important.

  2. tapati

    Here in CA I post from news organizations when there’s an Amber Alert and of course they give contact info for the police. But I agree, get as much info as possible about a situation and use caution when the post originates with a family member or friend rather than a news organization or the police.

  3. Leona

    I think you need to be careful. However my friend has been missing for a week and the police did not do a media release until today. At least if it is shared by the ones who love him there will be some people looking for him. So it sucks that when my friends are sharing their face book friends are posting this article instead of sharing. Even when it has come from the Police site.


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