Understand depression in a simple video

I’m not going to preface this with much. Based on what I’ve read and been told on the subject, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have never suffered from true depression. I’ve had my ruts, and personally I can’t recommend enough that you go talk to someone if you’re in a rut, it helped me tremendously both times I was in a major rut in my adult life. But I can’t speak for everyone, so I don’t want to presume it’s always that easy.

If you’re not sure what depression is like, here is a video from the World Health Organization, and a graphic that will hopefully help you understand better:

depression apple2There is an alternate version of this that I tried to post but it is not formatting correctly. You can see it here. The caption reads “your friends are probably feeling the same way as you are, so open up and share your sadness with each other, you will both feel better and grow together”.

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