Animal Drinking Physics – Just as cool as it sounds

So here’s a random but cool thing I found yesterday. I’ve watched dogs and cats drink from water bowls, toilets, ponds and lakes plenty of times. I figured they were basically just coating their tongue with water and sucking down whatever excess there was.

Well, nature is often a whole lot cooler than you think, and here is one such example. Check this out:

That’s right, dogs (and cats, and probably some other animals as well) actually scoop water with their tongues, and basically splash it into their mouth kind of similarly to how we would scoop water and splash it out of a boat that is sinking.

I feel like this is one of those things that totally makes sense once you see it in action, like duh of course that’s what’s happening, but until I’d seen this I’d never considered there was anything more to it.

Cool, right?

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