Curiosity Recap (bi-weekly review Feb 2, 2014)

I have switched to doing these recaps every 2 weeks as I don’t get to post as much anymore and it seems a bit silly to me to do a recap of just a handful of posts.

recapsmallEyeball floaters – If you’ve ever wondered about them, wonder no more!
Adrienn Banhegyi Master Jump Roper – you’ve never seen someone jump rope like this!
Thinking about a new computer or hard drive? – A review of 3 top hard drive manufacturer’s and their failure rates. Hooray consumer protection!
The problem with Facebook – Veritasium on YouTube breaks down how the social network works, and how it is actually doing you a disservice
The energy we use is the energy it loses – how energy works in chemical bonds, some logic problems, and some things you didn’t know about skunks
22 Amazing natural land formations around the world – planning to go travelling? Check this out
When clever quotes don’t hold up – no matter how clever, no quote frees you up from having to be a decent human being
Casual Love – a blog post about taking some of the pressure off the word love, and how to approach someone you’re interested in if you’re not necessarily looking to get serious right away
You can’t re-invent the wheel, but you can re-invent table tennis – One man does a pretty good job of having as much fun during competition as he can, and manages to get others to join him
Some interesting ways to hack your home – here are 33 neat ideas for upgrading your living space, though most of them probably aren’t especially cheap
Browser extension to stop clickbait headlines – Downworthy aims to help make the internet less sensationalistic
Not your average book club – I attend a book club based around science and philosophy, and get my mind bent in a fun way
Consciousness and Music – learn a little bit more about consciousness through this video
When the going gets tough, the tough get going – 19 hard things that can help you be more successful if you do them
Curious about Geology? Listen to this – I find a new podcast about science, and a particularly good episode about geology
Beat procrastination, gamify productivity? – if you like games but have trouble getting things done, maybe HabitRPG can help
Petroleum Jelly – more interesting than you’d think – I got randomly curious and researched petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline), and was pleasantly surprised

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