Confessions of a secret map lover

I am primarily a visually oriented person. I learn best when I can see what you’re trying to teach me. I may not be so great at directional orientation, but I have in the last few years started to become ever more fascinated by georgraphy. I went through a brief phase on trying to learn and memorize every country on each continent (didn’t end up going past South America, for shame!), and even all the flags for every nation of the world (got farther on that one!).

But I do have a strong fascination with maps, and I feel like if time and money were no object, I would really love to either be, or apprentice with a city planner (ps – if you are a city planner, please email me! I’d love to ask you some questions!)

You may or may not be familiar with the vlogbrothers. If you aren’t you should really fix that. They run multiple youtube channels that are high educational and highly engaging. John runs a History channel and Hank runs a Science channel.

But on their main “vlogbrothers” account, they posted a video called “42 Amazing Maps that help me understand the world and my place in it”. It’s a very nifty little video:

The world is a cool, vast, interesting place, and I can easily spend hours on google maps checking stuff out (confession – I once spent at least 2 hours just checking out all the various routes across the border from Canada to the US, and totally enjoyed every second of it). Speaking of which:

There is also a subreddit for “Map Porn” which is fun.

So, go get your map on folks!

Got any cool map resources to suggest or interesting map factoids to share? Put em in the comments, friend!

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