Repair cafe: community based skills lending

Just heard about this, definitely hoping to check the next one out. Toronto Repair Cafe is a monthly event where various people come together, some of them know how to fix things, others have things that need to be fixed, and so it goes. Oh yeah, and sometimes there are 3D printers so replacement parts can literally be created on the spot!

To read more about the event, check out <a href="http://metronews viagra a vendre” target=”_blank”>this article. Here’s an excerpt:

What kind of things can people have fixed?

The volunteers are called fixers. They have skills in different areas. We have people that can fix electronics, computers, iPads, tablets and phones. We have people that can fix appliances, small appliances like lamps and toasters, and sometimes even umbrellas, things around the house.

And then we have sewers and jewelry people who repair jewelry. In the summer we have a bike repair person and we also have a bookbinder.

It’s different people with different skills.

What’s the purpose of the café?

There are many. The first one is the obvious one, to prevent things from going into the garbage. We want people to change their attitude from a throw-away society to a fix-it society.

The next big thing is to show people that they can actually repair things themselves. Most of the people are volunteers who fix things. They don’t fix things for a living. This is something that they just enjoy doing and they like to demonstrate to other people that they can do it as well.

The community spirit that it creates is really exhilarating. People just love it. It’s a café, so we also have coffee and pastries and so on. People just come and hang out and watch what’s going on and meet other people. It’s a great community activity and really promotes cohesion.

Sounds good to me! Maybe if you go to the next one, I’ll see you there.

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