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Nerd Nite Presentation Recap – Life as a Polymath

[Update 2 June 21, 2014 – I’ve come across data that refutes the validity of the MBTI system, so the reference to INFJ in this post isn’t as relevant anymore]

This post is essentially a written transcript of my Nerd Nite Presentation (delivered on April 17, 2014). The presentation was titled “I want to do EVERYTHING! (Life as a Polymath)”.

So, we start with a photo of Albert Einstein, and a quote of his:

I have no special talents,
I am only passionately curious

This quote has pretty much come to define my life, and I only discovered it last year.

So let’s start with a question. It’s a pretty common icebreaker when meeting new people. So, what do you do? Continue reading

HabitRPG – Round 2

A little while ago, I posted about a productivity app called HabitRPG, I ultimately recommended checking it out, though the mobile application (the only thing I tried at the time) really didn’t win me over. I haven’t really had a problem with motivation for a while, moreso just actually doing things in a good order (ie not getting distracted and falling down a facebook rabbit hole instead of doing more productive things first).

Last night I was hanging out with a friend who pulled HabitRPG up on their computer while we were talking and I stopped and said “what’s that?”. The web interface looks virtually nothing like the mobile interface. It’s far better, in my opinion.

And after just a couple hours of having it set up, and adding and checking off tasks as I go about my business, I have to say there is something immensely satisfying about being able to physically check something off when you complete something. Rather than just say to myself “cool, now that’s done”, I can actually click a box and get some points for it. It pushes my desire for accomplishing things into the red zone. And that’s good. It provides just that little extra bit of incentive for me to put really productive things first, and ignore distractions.

For others, I imagine it will just serve as an extra boost to get past the initial procrastination stage.