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Director : Martin Koolhoven.
Writer : Martin Koolhoven.
Producer : Els Vandevorst, Uwe Schott.
Release : January 12, 2017
Country : United Kingdom, United States of America, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden.
Production Company : X-Filme Creative Pool, Film i Väst, Prime Time, Illusion Film & Television, Backup Media, N279 Entertainment, FilmWave.
Language : Nederlands, English.
Runtime : 148 min.
Genre : Mystery, Thriller, Western.

‘Brimstone’ is a movie genre Mystery, was released in January 12, 2017. Martin Koolhoven was directed this movie and starring by Guy Pearce. This movie tell story about In the menacing inferno of the old American West, Liz is a genuine survivor who is hunted by a vengeful preacher for a crime she didn’t commit.

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The BS Machine: Umair Haque gets it

I recently read a piece on medium titled , and it was one of those articles that every subsequent sentence and paragraph I was just jumping higher and higher into the air shouting “Yes! Yes!”.

I will highlight the parts that really jumped out at me to share with you:

A culture that prizes narcissism above individualism. A politics that places “tolerance” above acceptance. A spirit that encourages cynicism over reverence. A public sphere that places irony over sincerity. A technosophy that elevates “data” over understanding. A society that puts “opportunity” before decency.

To be bored isn’t to be indifferent. It is to be fatigued. Because one is exhausted. And that is precisely where—and only where—the values above lead us. To exhaustion; with the ceaseless, endless, meaningless work of maintaining the fiction. Of pretending that who we truly want to be is what everyone believes everyone else wants to be. Liked, not loved; “attractive”, not beautiful; clever, not wise; snarky, not happy; advantaged, not prosperous.

Let me simplify that tiny model of the stalemate the human heart can reach with life. The bullshit machine is the work we do only to live lives we don’t want, need, love, or deserve.

Everything’s work now. Relationships; hobbies; exercise. Even love. Gruelling; tedious; unrelenting; formulaic; passionless; calculated; repetitive; predictable; analysed; mined; timed; performed.

That’s the battery that powers the bullshit machine. We’re not allowed to admit it: that we’re bored. We’ve always got to be doing something. Always always always. Tapping, clicking, meeting, partying, exercising, networking, “friending”. Work hard, play hard, live hard. Improve. Gain. Benefit. Realize.

It’s something like a slot-machine of the human soul, this culture we’re building. The jackpot’s just another coin away…forever. Who wouldn’t be seduced by that?

And therein is the paradox of the bullshit machine. We do more than humans have ever done before. But we are not accomplishing much; and we are, it seems to me, becoming even less than that.

Why? We are something like apparitions today; juggling a multiplicity of selves through the noise; the “you” you are on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Tinder…wherever…at your day job, your night job, your hobby, your primary relationship, your friend-with-benefits, your incredibly astonishing range of extracurricular activities. But this hyperfragmentation of self gives rise to a kind of schizophrenia; conflicts, dissocations, tensions, dislocations, anxieties, paranoias, delusions. Our social wombs do not give birth to our true selves; the selves explosive with capability, possibility, wonder. [emphasis added]

It made me really stop and think, yes I feel like I’m locked in this gravitational orbit with my job, I can’t break free, the workday is like the winter of my daily year, and my hometime (“free time”) is the summer. But the summers are 港股开户 always shorter and always frantically crammed with stuff. The winter seems endless and takes forever to pass. Only when you start to realize the temperature is actually climbing again each day (ie around 4pm in the workday) do you start to anticipate and excite.

It’s so hard to break out of that track and live your life on your own terms, but I’m still determined to find a way.