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Watch Movie Online Logan (2017)

Watch and Download Movie Logan (2017)
  • Logan (2017)

  • Duration
    137 mins
    Action, Drama, Science Fiction.
  • In Cinemas
    February 28, 2017
    English, Español.
  • Country
    United States of America.
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Plot For Logan

Movie ‘Logan’ was released in February 28, 2017 in genre Action. James Mangold was directed this movie and starring by Hugh Jackman. This movie tell story about In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.


James Mangold.


Lauren Shuler Donner, Hutch Parker, Simon Kinberg.

Production Company

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Donners’ Company, Marvel Entertainment, TSG Entertainment.

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What can you do without a brain?

If you’ve ever wondered, Vsauce on YouTube attempts to answer this question:

As you might guess, there isn’t a lot you can do, definitely not much that is “useful”, but still, interesting to think about.

Double Brain Myth – Alcohol kills brain cells and the human body replaces all cells every 7 years

You may have heard people say that we are technically not the same person every 7 years, because due to constant cell replacement within our bodies, technically we are not made up of the same cells forever thus we are sort of a different person.

Well, this is partially true, but ultimately false.

From LiveScience.com:

It is true that individual cells have a finite life span, and when they die off they are replaced with new cells. As The New York Public Library’s Science Desk Reference (Stonesong Press, 1995) notes, “There are between 50 and 75 trillion cells in the body…. Each type of cell has its own life span, and when a human dies it may take hours or day before all the cells in the body die.” (Forensic investigators take advantage of this vaguely morbid fact when determining the cause and time of death of homicide victims.)

Red blood cells live for about four months, while white blood cells live on average more than a year. Skin cells live about two or three weeks. Colon cells have it rough: They die off after about four days. Sperm cells have a life span of only about three days, while brain cells typically last an entire lifetime (neurons in the cerebral cortex, for example, are not replaced when they die).

So, if your neurons don’t get replaced when they die, it would seem like an especially bad idea to aid in their rapid destruction by drinking alcohol, wouldn’t it?

Well, as much as I don’t want to encourage people to drink more, I have good news for those who do drink. Well, sort of good news.

From Mental_Floss:

Now, ethyl alcohol (the kind found in boozy beverages, also known as ethanol) can kill cells and microorganisms. That’s what makes it an effective antiseptic. Your brain contains a few billion cells called neurons that send electrical and chemical messages between it and the other parts of the body. Obviously, you don’t want these little guys dying en masse.

Fortunately, when you drink alcoholic beverages, your body tries not to let all of that ethanol roam around unchecked. Rather, your liver processes it and converts it into less toxic stuff. The liver can only work so fast, though, processing about 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits per hour. If you’re knocking drinks back fast enough that your liver can’t keep up, the excess alcohol hangs out in the blood and travels through the body until it can be processed. [emphasis added]

When this alcohol reaches the brain, it doesn’t kill the cells outright. What actually happens, according to Roberta Pentney, a cell biologist who studied alcohol and brain function for decades at SUNY Buffalo, is that the alcohol damages the parts of the cells that send and receive information. This causes problems with the way the cells communicate with each other and results in some of the impairments of intoxication.

Researchers at Washington University found that alcohol, even when applied directly to neurons, didn’t kill them. Like in Pentney’s work, it just interfered with the way they transmit information. Specifically, the researchers showed that alcohol causes certain receptors on neurons to manufacture steroids that inhibit memory formation.

So, no you’re not a completely new person every 7 years, and no drinking doesn’t kill brain cells, but drinking too much is still not the best idea, for the same reasons.

Oh yeah, and we also don’t use only 10% of our brains. That’s also a myth.

Watch Movie The Boss Baby (2017)

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Quality: HD
Title : The Boss Baby
Director : Tom McGrath.
Release : 2017-03-23
Language : English.
Runtime : 73 min.
Genre : Animation, Comedy, Family.
Stars : Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy Kimmel, Tobey Maguire, Vivi Ann Yee.

‘The Boss Baby’ is a movie genre Animation, was released in March 23, 2017. Tom McGrath was directed this movie and starring by Alec Baldwin. This movie tell story about A story about how a new baby’s arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully unreliable narrator, a wildly imaginative 7 year old named Tim.

A story about how a new baby’s arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully unreliable narrator, a wildly imaginative 7 year old named Tim.

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How to increase blood flow to your brain

I get migraines often, not severe ones, but minor ones that interfere with my ability to think and concentrate. I did a bit of quick reading and determined that one culprit was likely a reduction in blood flow to my brain. So I googled ways to increase that.

From WikiHow:

  1. Do Aerobics. What better way to increase blood flow to your Brain than by exercising your heart? Whether jogging, dancing, playing sports, having sex, wresting, etc. you will increase your heart rate, sending a wave of blood to your Brain with every heart beat. 30 minutes at least three times a week is sufficient and each session will release a Growth Factor in your Brain which helps you to grow new Cells and Dendrites! (3 hours a week is best for optimal performance)
  2. Have Sex, or More Sex. Sex not only increases blood flow to your Brain, but it also releases hormones and chemicals that increase Mental Performance. Sex also helps with social connection, by activating the Deep Limbic System and bonding the partners involved. Not only that, harmless, fun sex is always good for your Brain and another benefit of having sex is the release of endorphins which help reduce pain and increases cognitive function also it gets rid of stress which is always a good thing!
  3. Exercise Your Brain. Brain Exercise increases blood flow to your Brain by a small degree. The Regions utilized in the exercises will receive more blood flow as a result of the hard working Neurons. This increases Brain Power though exercise and increased blood! People who do about 30 minutes of Aerobics, then exercise their Brains come out to be much,much smarter because they take full advantage of the benefits of the Growth Factor released during the physical exercise.
  4. Meditate. Deep Breathing Meditation increases oxygen to the Brain which also helps increase blood flow to the Brain by a little bit. You’ll be able to feel the Arteries pulsing when you are focusing on your breathing. Meditation is another one of those top of the list activities for improving Brain Power.
  5. Quit Smoking. Nicotine, not to mention the other chemicals in cigarettes, restrict arteries, shrinking your grey matter. Quitting smoking will return blood flow to normal, which takes great strides in improving your Brain.
  6. Quit the Caffeine. Caffeine in small measures is healthy for the Brain, but in moderate to larger doses, the caffeine will restrict Blood Flow, causes cognitive loss.
  7. Eat Healthy Foods. Some foods, like Fruits & Vegetables are healthy for your heart and your Brain. Foods rich in antioxidants like Blueberries, or berries in general are also healthy for your heart. What’s healthy for your heart, is healthy for your Brain.
  8. Take Supplements. Supplements like Ginkgo Biloba, work by improving blood flow to the Brain, improving Cognitive Performance considerably.

I already do pretty well all of these, so I’ll have to keep searching, but this might come in handy for you. Got any other tips? Share them in the comments!

Forget WHAT you think, here’s HOW you think

Neat little video here from Asap Science about how we think.

Might help explain why studying for finals is so much harder than watching reality TV.

Resources Page Update (Oct 21, 2013)

Quick note here, I’ve added 2 new items to the Resources Page.

1. The Brain Science Podcast – I just started listening to this one and after just 15 minutes of one episode, I was quite pleased. This one will definitely tickle your curiosity bone.

2. It’s OK To Be Smart YouTube Channel – This one is more of a formality, but hey, being comprehensive doesn’t hurt, right?

Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments if there’s a good resource you know of that I should add to this site. I want everyone to benefit from this stuff!

Curiosity Recap (Week in Review Oct 18, 2013)

Here is everything posted up to Launch Day:

recapsmallFinding Meaning vs Creating Meaning – an OpEd post about just that – what is the difference and what they mean to me.
Taste in Space! – Can astronauts taste in space? if so, what? Also busting a myth about HOW humans taste.
Genderbread People are all equal – A post to try and simplify at least a little bit just how complicated gender can be.
Helpful Mnemonic Device – HALT – In trying times, try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Here’s why.
The Science of Heartbreak (Steering the Relation Ship) – A video post that explores addiction to love and healthy habits.
Different Strokes of Learning – a post about learning styles and why we need to me mindful of how we teach otherwise kids will not enjoy learning and that’s just a tragedy!
For the good of the whole? – a short article about why PopSci.com disabled the comments section on their website.
Confessions of a secret map lover (me) – a post featuring 2 videos and me telling you to go get your map on.
Making the most of a bad situation – a post about what one family did when a wedding was called off that ended up making a lot of people happy afterall.
Correcting a misconception and a mispronunciation – Pop culture strikes again, confuses everyone (re: Aspergers Syndrome). I clear up the confusion and provide some background.
A small loss, a larger observation – someone steals something relatively worthless from me, inspires a long post with 2 videos about how can we make everyone a little happier?
Unexpected Trends – Some women are taking additional risks in the bedroom.
Methinks thou doth misquote too much! – You’ve probably misquoted several people in your life, here’s proof.
Sports can be interesting too! – Hey nerds, you should read this. There is actual science behind sports you know. Not just physics either!
California Dreaming and Mind Reading – I talk about a dream I had and tell you that our thoughts can actually be recorded in video form, RIGHT NOW. Get your tinfoil hats!
(External Article) 20 Things I’ve learned by 25 – I share some solid life advice from Under30Ceo.com
From the Reddit files – Mensa and Porn Stars – I talk about smarts, different kinds of smarts and assumptions about smarts, including my own assumptions.
From Medium – Crossfit’s Dirty Little Secret – I highlight an article (and follow up article) by Eric Robertson about Crossfit.
Want to learn another language? Particularly Spanish? – I recount my experience learning Spanish in late 2012/Early 2013, and review the free services that I used to do it.
Face a Fear Friday – I post about something new I tried this week and how it went.

California Dreaming and Mind Reading

I just woke up from a dream. In this dream I happened to be playing Grand Theft Auto V, and it was a very immersive dream. I was zooming around in a race through suburbs and tight city streets, crashing into some things as well as deftly dodging other things. I don’t actually own that game, nor have I played it, but I watched a friend of mine play it just for a couple of minutes yesterday. Yet, just from having watched the game for a few minutes, my brain managed to get enough of a blueprint/mental snapshot to construct a vivid, believable dream from.

I think what fascinates me the most is our brains’ ability to conjure up totally realistic worlds that are so accurate and believable that we don’t realize we are dreaming until we wake up. This all comes from our subconscious! Continue reading