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Watch and Download Movie The Discovery (2017)

Watch Full Movie Online The Discovery (2017)
  • The Discovery (2017)

  • Duration
    101 mins
    Drama, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller.
  • In Cinemas
    March 31, 2017
    English, Deutsch, Português.
  • Country
    United States of America.
  • Watch Movie Online The Discovery (2017)

Plot For The Discovery

‘The Discovery’ is a movie genre Drama, was released in March 31, 2017. Charlie McDowell was directed this movie and starring by Jason Segel. This movie tell story about In the near future, due to a breakthrough scientific discovery by Dr. Thomas Harbor, there is now definitive proof of an afterlife. While countless people have chosen suicide to reset their existence, others try to decide what it all means. Among them is Dr. Harbor’s son Will, who has arrived at his father’s isolated compound with a mysterious young woman named Isla. There, they discover the strange acolytes who help Dr. Harbor with his experiments.


Charlie McDowell.


Alex Orlovsky, James D. Stern.


Charlie McDowell, Justin Lader.

Production Company

Endgame Entertainment, Protagonist Pictures, Netflix.

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If biology is software, is prejudice faulty code?

I was watching a video on YouTube the other day, where Ray Kurzweil was being interviewed. He made a comment that got me thinking.

He says (just after the 19:00 mark) “all of biology is now understood as basically software”, which seems accurate what with sequencing the human genome and DNA being a set of code/genetic instructions. Ray says that technology is moving towards “patching” human biology software.

This caught my attention because I remembered seeing a news story not that long ago about a pill that can reduce in-built racism. People largely complained that it relieved a person of the personal responsibility to have to work on themselves and to get over their racism by coming to understand why racism is wrong in the first place. If you can just take a pill, you don’t learn anything, you don’t grow as a person.

This got me thinking, what if bigotry and prejudice stems from essentially faulty biological software? Continue reading

The importance of perspective (experience vs observation)

Over the weekend a friend of mine alerted me to something she found in an OKCupid profile. One of the (many) questions the site uses to match you with potential mates, is “would you consider dating someone who hasn’t been in a relationship?”.

She found a guy who had answered “No, at this point my peers have been in a relationship, I’m not interested in coaching a newbie”.

I was taken aback by this response, which seemed short sighted and selfish to me. So I ran it by some other friends, and was kind of surprised by their responses, which largely agreed with him.

BUT, the interesting thing that I think is missing both in his response and in theirs, is perspective. Why? Well, on one hand yes – having a lack of experience can be problematic, but only if the person in question hasn’t learned anything on their own.

To tell you the truth, I have very limited “formal experience” in dating. But I know that I’m capable of it, for the same reason that I know that there are people who have lived twice as long as me, but are less mature – because I observe and I learn from the world around me, not everyone does. Same as you don’t have to go to college to be able to work or start a business. There isn’t only ONE way to learn.

So, my stance is, if I meet someone and I like them and they tell me they haven’t been in a relationship before, there are other questions I can ask (much like they ask you in a job interview) to find out if they understand the key concepts and best practices regardless.

My parents are divorced, both have remarried but one runs a healthy, communicative relationship, and the other just yells at and argues with their spouse all the time. From that alone, I have learned healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviour, even without being in one myself. Of course if both my parents were in the latter kind of relationship now, I would lack the perspective that there is a ‘better way’.

So I think this person’s answer to me speaks more of impatience and is short sighted in that it ignores this fact. While there are absolutely some things you can only learn how to deal with in the context of a relationship, most of what you need is just human relations 101 and some decent self-awareness. At least, that’s my bullsh$% opinion.

What do you think? Agree or disagree?