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Title : The Boss Baby
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Release : 2017-03-23
Language : English.
Runtime : 73 min.
Genre : Animation, Comedy, Family.
Stars : Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy Kimmel, Tobey Maguire, Vivi Ann Yee.

‘The Boss Baby’ is a movie genre Animation, was released in March 23, 2017. Tom McGrath was directed this movie and starring by Alec Baldwin. This movie tell story about A story about how a new baby’s arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully unreliable narrator, a wildly imaginative 7 year old named Tim.

A story about how a new baby’s arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully unreliable narrator, a wildly imaginative 7 year old named Tim.

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Title : Caligula.
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Genre : Drama, History, Romance.

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‘Caligula’ is a movie genre Drama, History, Romance, was released in January 21, 1979. Tinto Brass was directed this movie and starring by Malcolm McDowell. This movie tell story about The perversion behind imperial Rome, the epic story of Rome’s mad Emporer. All the details of his cruel, bizarre reign are revealed right here: His unholy sexual passion for his sister, his marriage to Rome’s most infamous prostitute, his fiendishly inventive means of disposing those who would oppose him, and more.

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Niche Markets: An imperfect analogy for the melting pot of social culture

This is an excerpt of my latest Medium article.

Humans are social creatures for the most part, some more than others. We often bond over food and drinks, athletic activities or arts and entertainment, among other things.

Imagine for a moment, that you are walking freely in a group of people, down a large, long hallway. Above each door in the hallway is a sign that lists a thing that people like—music, sports, film or novel, activity, etc. As you go down this hallway, people from the group are stopping at various doors, opening them and going into the rooms beyond.

As you keep walking, you rubber-neck, most people seem to be going through the same doors, and there’s already a lot of people in those rooms, and they’re talking, laughing, even exchanging high fives.

And you keep walking vente en ligne viagra. You haven’t felt strongly pulled towards any of these doors so far. The people that choose the doors that you pass, they seem like perfectly good people, you’re sure you would get along with any of them under the right circumstances, but they feel more of a connection to the theme of those rooms than you do.

You pass more and more doors, the group has thinned. Many people have already split off and chosen their rooms. You start to look around at the people left in your remaining unfiltered group. They’re eclectic, just as you see yourself.

Finally, you find some doors you feel a connection to. You find the thing that resonates with you, and you end up in the room with others who resonate with it too.

You look around at your company. The room isn’t packed, but there’s not a lot of people either. Everyone might be a little hesitant, shy, or awkward. No one really wants to speak first, and if they do, they aren’t sure what to say.

These are the people who know they love a thing, and at the end of the day, that’s all that truly matters to them. They don’t necessarily care that anyone else likes it, and they don’t need to like it with other people.

Read the rest here.

You might be a scanner if…

Heh, I am preparing a presentation to touch on this, but there’s a great post over on Puttylike “You Know You’re a Multipotentialite when…“, about the trials of a scanner.

  1. You read the “interests” section of your Puttytribe profile and realize it’s completely out of date, even though you only updated it a few months ago.
  2. When scanning new puttypeeps’ “interests” sections, you find at least one new interest you want to pursue.
  3. You notice that you have at least five different styles of handwriting and numerous signatures which you choose from according to the “hat” you are wearing – the cursive artist, the big bubbly-worded socialite, the serious tiny print when you mean business, etc. – and you realize that most people only have one style of handwriting.
  4. You’ve got so many tasks/things to accomplish and so little time.
  5. You check out the “groups” section of the Puttytribe and have a meltdown when you realise that you want to join 95% of the groups. Where will you find the time for that? Will you ever get out of there? (The mental-tape kicks – “narrow my interests, narrow my interests.”)
  6. You dip into an old hobby and five minutes later you’ve planned out a whole business/career based on it.
  7. Most of your friends only know one tiny part of all the things you do/are interested in.
  8. You’re just barely getting started with a new career and, while you still enjoy it (and know you still have a lot to learn), you’re also planning out your second and third career in advanced.
  9. Every time you go to concert, art gallery, etc., you say to yourself “I want to be able to do that!” and start strategizing ways to learn.
  10. You get pangs of regret when seeing something you used to do and think “I could be doing that at that level now had I just stayed with it!”. And then realizing that you’re a lot more useful in the grand scheme of things because you know so much!
  11. Somebody asks you “so how’s that knitting going?” and you realize you got bored of that weeks ago, have moved onto calligraphy now and no one has a clue.
  12. Someone comments on how you always seem to have a business idea for everything under the sun.
  13. You see a thread like this and instantly think “we could sell prints of things like this!”
  14. You check this discussion looking for an update more often than you’d like to admit.
  15. You never got a tattoo because you’re unable to settle on a single meaningful image to be stuck with for life.
  16. Your friends give you weird looks when they check out your holiday reading. They have the latest blockbusters and you have one of the latest biz-think books, Italian grammar exercises, a WordPress guide, and your camera instructions printed off – and you take them all down to the poolside.
  17. You’re in the middle of at least twenty different books and discover a new one that you simply *must* dig into.
  18. You get so excited by a new musical instrument that you’ve just discovered and absolutely must own it now, so that you can learn how to play it even though you still haven’t totally learned how to play the last ones you got.
  19. You write about your weirdest mash up of interests which are no longer your main interests.
  20. You are laughing so hard while reading this thread.
  21. You try to sign up for that art class you really want to take, but the schedule clashes with your salsa lessons, your fencing classes, and your day job!
  22. Before going to a cocktail party, you try to decide which answer to use when someone asks “what do you do?”
  23. You have a hard time packing for your vacation because there’s not enough space for your hiking boots, your dance shoes, your drawing materials, and your climbing gear.

I score roughly 19 out of 23 on this list. I’d probably add “constantly send yourself emails on the go for reminders of various ideas you had or things you have to remember to do or look into”.

Also worth reading is “Lessons from Polymath Interviews” on Discovering Your Awesome.

Are you a scanner? You might be a scanner.

I guess I should have done this post a while ago, seeing as it’s a large part of why this blog exists at all.

What is a scanner? Well, that’s just one name for it. The name “scanner” was coined by Barbara Sher in her book “Refuse to Choose”. Others include Renaissance Soul (by Margaret Lobenstine), Multipotentialite (from Emilie Wapnick) and the classical term Polymath, which originated during the Renaissance. I prefer scanner because it’s the shortest, easiest to say, and invokes the least amount of confusion in people not familiar with the concept.

[Update 1 – June 21, 2014 – I’ve come across data that refutes the validity of the MBTI system, so the reference to INFJ in this post isn’t as relevant anymore]

[Update 2 – Aug 15, 2016 – I have started a new project that if you enjoy this blog post you’ll likely be interested to check out – The Most Interesting Thing Project. Weekly blog post with new interesting facts, and a bi-weekly video talk show episode with interesting guests]

A scanner is a personality type, basically you are interested in many things that may or may not be related, and you have a strong desire to just keep learning (and trying) everything you can. Whether that’s learning new skills, new concepts, or even just learning more about yourself.

The best description/breakdown I have seen of this comes from Joanne Munro’s Career Pioneers blog:

Simply put, Scanner Personalities are people who either have so many interests they find it impossible to decide on just one career – so they don’t make any decision at all for fear of making the wrong choice, or they have lots of projects on the go but seldom finish any of them before they lose interest and move on to the next project.

Scanners are interested in multiple things, they love learning, their brains work very fast, and they are constantly scanning the horizon for new things.

Scanner Personality Traits (from Scanner Central)

  • You have creative ideas all the time, whether it’s for a book, a TV show, an art project, a website, a business, starting a movement, creating a brand, or writing a bestseller
  • You love to learn about new subjects and ideas and then quickly move on to something else
  • You have loads of seemingly unrelated interests
  • Trying to choose between all your ideas, interests and projects stresses you out
  • The thought of concentrating on one job or business for the rest of your life horrifies you
  • You start lots of projects but don’t always finish them before you get into something else

Common problems for Scanners are a reluctance to commit to just one thing for fear of making the wrong choice, and not finishing projects. An analogy I love is comparing Scanners to honey bees. Their purpose it to move from flower to flower getting pollen. They stay at each flower just long enough to get what they came for and nobody can tell them when they should be finished because only the bee knows when it is done.

I only discovered the concept last August (2013), a friend of mine was reading Barbara Sher’s book and told me about it. She was correct in thinking that since her and I are very alike, that I was probably a scanner too. I have since bought and read both books as well as Emilie Wapnick’s “Renaissance Business” – the ultimate impetus for this blog’s birth. Though I don’t currently plan to make this a business, it’s more of a community service.

Discovering this Scanner thing however, was a huge epiphany for me. I’d struggled my whole life professionally because I could never find anything that I enjoyed doing consistently for more than 2 or 3 years maximum in a stretch, and this helped explain why. I mean, I’ve been a musician for nearly 13 years now and have always enjoyed that, but I figured out when I went to school for music business, that it wasn’t going to work for me as a career. Basically, nothing that I find truly fun or interesting, is viable as a career for me, because once someone is telling me what and how to do it, it stops being fun. So I have LOTS of hobbies.

The list of “Careers” I’ve attempted to pursue is long and varied. I’ve only settled on something now out of pure necessity, but I still have several side projects on the go regularly. I did however come up with a brief list for reference:

As a child/kid I wanted to be:
-—Police Officer
-Hockey Goaltender (but I sucked)

As a teen/young adult (16-24):
—-Web/Graphic Designer
-—Video Game Programmer
-Music Producer/Audio Engineer

In the last few years:
—-Public Speaker
-Actor/Stand-Up Comedian
—-Board Game Designer

I’ve been to college 3 different times, for multimedia design, for entertainment administration and for business/finance.

I figured out before I learned of the scanner thing, that I had become a fast learner and a good self-study (or “autodidact”). I figured this out largely due to my rapid success with learning a second language a year ago. And then I taught myself how to use WordPress to make a fancy blog. And this site is clearly an example of the breadth and depth of information I absorb on a weekly basis. I’ve even been complimented that my blog is not boring because of the range of things I post about. Unsurprisingly, I spend a lot of time on wikipedia and google.

So, if you identify as a scanner (or whatever term you prefer), and have been struggling, what should you do? Well, I’m not sure how good of advice I can give, since I’m not necessarily a “Scanner success story”, but i’m figuring it out and doing alright for myself. I’ve done my best to find a way to make my scanner powers work for me (it’s tricky but doable), but I will say that Emilie Wapnick is the only one I think I’ve seen so far who has actually worked to build a supportive community. She created The Puttytribe, which is an offshoot of her blog Puttylike, and wrote “Renaissance Business” which is geared towards trying to help you make a business out of your passions, however eclectic they might be.

The Puttytribe is a gathering place for Multipotentialite with a variety of forums, and they do regular google hangouts and every few months they do a “Puttython”, which is basically a 2 day extravaganza for all “puttypeeps” to tackle some projects that have been on hold. I started this blog as part of the last Puttython. The tribe is really enthusiastic and helpful, of course many of them do run a renaissance business to satisfy their scanner needs. Pro tip – Puttytribe lets new members in for free for one day once every month. Watch puttylike.com for heads up on when that is. I believe you would have to pay starting month #2, but it’s certainly not uber expensive. You can also find a link to buy her book “Renaissance Business” on the site.

I don’t know that I want to try and make this into a business. I just like writing, curating interesting stuff, and my hope is that as more people find this blog, they comment on what is interesting to them, and share resources that they have found that relate. After all, I’ve got quite a bit of stuff on the resources page already, and I keep adding to it.

So, think of this site as kind of a journal, for scanners, by a scanner. Admittedly there are some things I am not (and may never be) interested in that you are, but if you enjoy learning and reading about all kinds of different things, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy this blog.

I am starting to look at ideas for more original posts, “helper” posts as it were (like my help learning a language or help learning wordpress or what’s the deal with polyamory ones), because I do enjoy researching a bunch of options, or research an issue or topic, and then do kind of a report on it to help you know what you need to know and where to start. I guess that is one strength of mine, absorbing a lot of info and then curating the most relevant and important bits and spitting them back out. But again, if someone tells me what to research and how to write it, I don’t want to. Fortunately I have a day job that pays the bills and isn’t completely awful! 🙂

Between “Refuse to Choose” and “Renaissance Soul”, I’d be more inclined to recommend the latter. Renaissance Soul features several exercises (kind of like the Renaissance Business book) to help you figure out what your top interests/values/passions are and tries to help steer you towards those to try and get you focused on a handful of hobbies that you can hopefully parlay into a job or career. Both books serve to try and calm the anxious scanner and provide examples that “it’s not too late” and to talk you off the ledge if you feel overwhelmed by everything. Refuse to Choose’s second half is just about different types of scanners (yes, Barbara breaks it down into multiple types!). So between the two books you get plenty of life coach type advice, you can figure out your “type” (if so you desire) and you get exercises and examples to help you direct yourself better towards a more unified goal. “Renaissance Business” is recommended if you want to go the modern, sophisticated DIY route and start your own web business. Or, like with me, it might just help you figure out a new passion project that you will really love doing and can pool more of your interests into, perhaps bringing together energy that was previously going to several other outlets, into one single one.

Refuse to Choose:
-life coach advice for scanners
-scanner sub-types (like subgenres of music)
-examples of possible scanner careers

Renaissance Soul:
-life coach advice for renaissance souls
-exercises to help unify your thinking (very helpful)
-examples of possible renaissance soul careers

Renaissance Business:
-exercises and advice for starting a web-based business around your multipotentialite passions

-a community for Scanner/Renaissance Soul/Multipotentialites, either just to talk, to share resources, to ask for tips or advice, to network, and to help with goal accountability.

Another Blog post I’ve written more recently: “The Never-Ending Career/Major Dilemma” aka INFJ problems, aka Scanner problems

I also recommend a few other books such as “The E Myth” about starting your own business, Tim Ferriss’ book “Four Hour Workweek” on productivity and lifestyle design/career hacking, and have been recommended some other books. There is also one called “The $100 start up” that I’ve been meaning to pick up.

UPDATE: Here is my presentation from Nerd Nite Toronto, on the subject of being a Scanner/Polymath:


Here is my latest project:

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You don’t have to be an expert to give good advice

You just have to pay attention.

This is a long post (that I originally wrote over on Medium) about human relations, self awareness, pickiness, perspective and ultimately learning to let go. From the ground level, and from a single guy.

It contains 4 parts:
Part 1 – Craigslist personals and online dating
Part 2 – No experience, or no perspective?
Part 3 – Growing up, learning a better way, and breaking down your picky mental barriers
Part 4 – Let the right one in (aka “you know you’ve learned the lesson when you can teach it to someone else”)

Head over to medium to read it, then let me know what you think in the comments.