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A science and safety lesson re: Microwaves

Short post here, busy week, but this is pretty interesting, and does a good job of explaining a reviews concept quickly and succinctly. I don’t microwave a lot of stuff, but this is definitely good to know:


Hellsongs, it’s not what it sounds like!

I am working on a music compilation project (and accompanying post on this blog) and I just remembered this band called Hellsongs. Based on the name you are probably thinking “that doesn’t sound like a band I’d like”. But you’d probably be wrong.

So here’s the thing. Time to get real. I don’t really like Indie Pop music. I do like heavy metal. So you’d think if an indie pop band covered metal tunes, I’d hate it right? Well, I’d think so too, but this band manages to do it in a way that I totally love.

Here is their cover of Iron Maiden’s “Heaven Can Wait”:

Here is their very interesting take on Van Halen’s “Jump”:

Pantera’s “Walk” (this may be my favourite cover of theirs):

Here is a very sombre, and haunting, but also beautiful cover of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”:

I don’t actually even like the originals of all the songs they cover, but I like pretty much all of their renditions.

You can find more info, tour dates and buy their albums and EPs at www.hellsongs.com. Seriously cool band (they do nothing but covers!) so hope you enjoy!