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More insight for introverts: Stimulation

I was just listening to the Talk Nerdy podcast with Santa Maria and there was an interesting little bit about introversion. Here’s a transcript (from ):

Cara: “I’m kind of a semi… introvert-extravert [editor’s note, this is known as an “ambivert”], like I’m somewhere in between, because I’m more than comfortable obviously doing the podcast, I’m more than comfortable getting on a stage in front of a thousand people and giving a talk, but I get really overwhelmed in social situations where there are just like shitloads of people. I’d much prefer like a quiet dinner, or you know, like less is more for me, I don’t like to have hundreds of friends, I have like a small friend group that I like to spend time with. So places like big conferences, unless I’m there on a mission, I feel very lost and a bit like I just want to go hide in my hotel room.”

Sandra: “It sounds like you are just an introvert. I mean, but people think that introverts are just like… want to hide in their cave all the time”

Cara: “Yeah but it’s like you know I’m comfortable being open, I just don’t really like… you know what? it’s about stimulation. It’s like I don’t like a lot of stimulation. I think that’s part of it.”

Sandra: “Like with autism”

Cara: “Yeah. It’s funny because there’s a lot of really interesting research with introverts and extraverts, that they have these weird thresholds in terms of exterior stimuli”

Sandra:”Oh, I haven’t seen this research, bring it on!”

Cara: “Yeah so, I think that there’s, like I remember learning about this in social psychology in grad school, that people who tend to rate high on introversion scales on personality tests, are the same kinds of people who have a hard time, for example, studying with loud music, or music with lyrics, whereas people who are extraverts, it’s really easy for them to study with lots of stimulation outside of them. So AETOS they think that part of why some people either can or can’t be around a lot of people is because they have this weird threshold, and once they pass it they become too overwhelmed. I’m the same way, I can’t study unless it’s light classical music, if it’s anything more than that, I’m immersed in the music and I can’t focus on what I’m reading or what I’m writing. What about you?”

Sandra: “I’m just thinking of all the Pandora stations I have that don’t have lyrics so that I can still focus. I generally… I like music so much, but I like silence the most. It took me a long time to realize it, that I don’t always like to listen to music you guys, like I just need earplugs, and all my friends think I’m crazy”

Cara: “Yeah, it’s not uncommon for me to just not turn on anything in the car while I’m driving, and then people are like ‘how can you drive in silence!?’”

Sandra: “Yeah, and then they sit there awkwardly like ‘why isn’t she playing music?’”

I’ve experienced both of those things before (I listen to a lot of instrumental music, and often can’t have music or radio or podcasts on while trying to absorb information, as well I used to drive in silence quite often). Even when I go to the gym I don’t listen to anything, because I actually do have a harder time concentrating on what I’m doing with extra stimulus.

I just went to a social gathering last night at a pub, I wanted to talk to people, but it was just too hard. Forty odd people in one room, plus music playing, I only lasted an hour and a half and then I was just tired and frustrated that I had been unable to really connect with anyone new.

On the flipside, I’ve found that if I go to a pub or a crowded gathering, but I meet someone interesting and socially stimulating, I can go for hours. But when I am not stimulated in the right way, I just get bored, and then tired.

This concert is for the birds

What do you do when nature decides to get up close and 捷凯金融 personal during a live musical performance? This is what you do.

Happy Sunday.

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Music + Fire + Science = Awesome

No, this post isn’t about Rammstein, but they’re pretty cool too (in my opinion, anyway).

Here’s another really awesome video from Veritasium on YouTube (I want his job, I gotta be totally honest!). This video has been making the rounds on social media, and I finally actually watched it and of course it’s awesome (that’s why it’s making the rounds).

In this video you get to learn about Ruben’s Tubes, Standing Waves, Nodes/Anti-Nodes and of course you get to hear some cool beats.


Ten free to watch lectures on electronic music

I came across this on reddit a while ago and never got around to actually checking out (this happens with many things, there is only so much time) – “The 10 best lectures on electronic music ever; watch them now“, from beatport.com.

I’m not a huge electronic music fan, but I definitely dig some of it, certain subgenres and styles (and when it’s mixed well with Rock or Metal such as Nine Inch Nails or Static-X). I just had a quick read through the list of lectures and I don’t know the names or bodies of work of most of the people mentioned, but there is one with Skrillex that I am currently downloading off of YouTube because I’m a bit more familiar with him and the talk sounds interesting. Also featured, to name a few – Nile Rodgers, Richie Hawtin, Bob Moog, Beardyman, and more.

So I thought I’d share it for the electronic music fans who would love to watch these and get a better understanding of the artists of their chosen genre.

Here is the Skrillex talk:

Hellsongs, it’s not what it sounds like!

I am working on a music compilation project (and accompanying post on this blog) and I just remembered this band called Hellsongs. Based on the name you are probably thinking “that doesn’t sound like a band I’d like”. But you’d probably be wrong.

So here’s the thing. Time to get real. I don’t really like Indie Pop music. I do like heavy metal. So you’d think if an indie pop band covered metal tunes, I’d hate it right? Well, I’d think so too, but this band manages to do it in a way that I totally love.

Here is their cover of Iron Maiden’s “Heaven Can Wait”:

Here is their very interesting take on Van Halen’s “Jump”:

Pantera’s “Walk” (this may be my favourite cover of theirs):

Here is a very sombre, and haunting, but also beautiful cover of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”:

I don’t actually even like the originals of all the songs they cover, but I like pretty much all of their renditions.

You can find more info, tour dates and buy their albums and EPs at www.hellsongs.com. Seriously cool band (they do nothing but covers!) so hope you enjoy!

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet (Inspirational Documentary)

One of my biggest fears, moreso than public speaking or even death, is to lose control of my body or muscles. To lose the ability to move under my own power. Being a musician, a writer and a big fan of exercise (walking, running, biking, etc), to lose physical control would mean a sudden and drastic change in my life. Of course I have seen countless YouTube videos of people without arms and legs or completely wheelchair bound who are still living very full, happy, productive lives, so I know I could and would adjust if the worst did happen. In the meantime, I really do try to appreciate what I have and make the most of it.

Jason Becker is an example of this. He was an up and coming world class guitarist, and then he contracted ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and slowly lost virtually all physical ability. But music was so important to him, that (with help), he found a way to keep doing it:

From Wikipedia:

The film was a New York Times Critics’ Pick with Neil Genzlinger stating “This heartfelt documentary is also, more subtly, a tribute to the squadron of caregivers that has enabled Mr. Becker not only to survive for an extraordinarily long time but also to continue to compose music, using virtually the only part of him that still moves, his eyes.”

After first seeing this almost 2 years ago, it definitely put a lot of things in perspective, and I realized “I have absolutely NO excuse for not doing the things in my life that I want to do”. And I hope after watching this, you might feel similarly. Carpe diem my friends.

Artist Focus (Oct 25, 2013)

From time to time on this site I will do a spotlight on artists, whether visual, written or musical.

Today I have 3 visual and 1 auditory.

Tang Yau Hoong – I found this artist by accident last week, and in browsing through their works, there are several that I really like. They’re both very nice to look at, but in many cases also make you think! Here is one of my favourites.

Elija Montgomery “I Am a Monster” – I found this one on a random blog a little while ago and really liked the concept. It’s an interesting take on body dysmorphia as well as transgender issues through a photo series. My favourite image in the series (which is really the one that grabbed and held my mind) has a caption that read “I like my body until I put clothes on it”. While this isn’t necessarily the case for myself, I know many who can relate and I wanted to share.

Angelo Merendino Photo Journal of his wife’s battle with cancer – I found this one thanks to the Stuff You Should Know Facebook Page. While it is obviously very sad, it is also beautiful and can be said to have at least a sliver of goodness at the end. I recommend picking the right time to check this out, but the comments on the post on facebook were largely “very sad but glad you posted it”.

Cloudkicker is a (one-man) band I discovered several years ago, and that one man (Ben Sharp) has been a huge inspiration to me, for the complexity, diversity but also beauty he creates in his music. He does everything himself, and what’s even cooler is that he gives his music away for free (technically “pay what you want”, but you can choose $0). The project is fully instrumental and ranges in style from stuff in the vein of Coldplay or Arcade fire all the way to “progressive metal”. There’s a little something for everyone, and it’s really great productivity music. I do tend to be a fan of the heavier stuff moreso than the lighter stuff, but a good place to start is with “LA After Rain” from “Fade” as a middle ground and go from there. If you’re into the softer side of things, check out “Let yourself be huge”.

Different strokes (of learning)

I was reading a web forum the other day, this one happened to be focused on independent musicians, and one of the comments from new members saying hi was to do with having been “terrorized by a nun music teacher and dropping music for several years”

This is a great example of 2 things – learning styles and teaching methods. And when they don’t sync up, everyone is going to have a crummy time.

My mom has often told me how growing up, her parents were very strict and harsh with teaching her and her siblings things (thankfully, she did not raise me and my sister the same way!). They would get told what to do and yelled at if they didn’t do it right (through no fault of their own). This can (and does!) easily turn people off learning, or even being able to enjoy doing anything new. It’s a terrible way to teach and is a major self-confidence and self-esteem killer. Continue reading