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Watch Full Movie Power Rangers (2017)
  • Power Rangers (2017)

  • Duration
    124 mins
    Action, Adventure, Science Fiction.
  • In Cinemas
    March 23, 2017
  • Country
    United States of America, Canada.
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Plot For Power Rangers

‘Power Rangers’ is a movie genre Action, was released in March 23, 2017. Dean Israelite was directed this movie and starring by Dacre Montgomery. This movie tell story about Saban’s Power Rangers follows five ordinary teens who must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove — and the world — is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so, they will have to overcome their real-life issues and before it’s too late, band together as the Power Rangers.


Dean Israelite.


Brian Casentini, Roberto Orci, Haim Saban, Wyck Godfrey, Marty Bowen.

Production Company

Lionsgate, Saban Brands.

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Loving (2016) HD

Director : Jeff Nichols.
Writer : Jeff Nichols.
Producer : Nancy Buirski, Ged Doherty, Colin Firth, Sarah Green, Peter Saraf, Marc Turtletaub.
Release : November 4, 2016
Country : United Kingdom, United States of America.
Production Company : Big Beach Films, Raindog Films.
Language : English.
Runtime : 123 min.
Genre : Drama, Romance.

Movie ‘Loving’ was released in November 4, 2016 in genre Drama. Jeff Nichols was directed this movie and starring by Joel Edgerton. This movie tell story about The story of Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple, whose challenge of their anti-miscegenation arrest for their marriage in Virginia led to a legal battle that would end at the US Supreme Court.

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What a Novel(ist) idea

Sometimes you come across one of those images on the internet that just makes you laugh and go “yeah, that’s pretty true”.

I still consider myself an “amateur” writer (mostly because it’s not my primary focus and because I don’t yet get paid for it), but I do think I have a talent for it and am trying to do it more and get paid for it.

I’ve heard the anecdote numerous times – “unhappy people make the best art”. There’s certainly evidence to support that idea.

But of course it is also an over-generalization.

I saw this image last night and my first response was “I’m only three away from a complete bingo!”.

It is amusing when someone can boil down a broader idea or concept into a simplified cartoon like this. It’s a talent. I wanted to share for any of the would-be writers out there.

Speaking of writing, I finished a new piece this week and have submitted it for publication, and am just waiting to hear back from the editor. She seems to be busier than normal this week. I still have a few others ideas in the pipeline, of course. And by a few, I mean “too damn many to ever finish”.

I guess I’ll take a moment here to talk about novel writing. When I was a teenager, I was into science fiction. I was more into hockey and wrestling, but it’s a lot harder to write fiction about sports. Though I did read the pretty voraciously, which believe it or not was basically a series of murder mysteries centered around a tween boys hockey team. Looking back that combination of elements seems really odd to me, but the author made it work.

Anyway, I couldn’t write hockey or wrestling fiction, but I could write science fiction. Or at least try. I was really into the Battletech/Mechwarrior universe at that time, but there was already an expansive series of books about that world. So I had to make up my own.

I did work on one fiction novel in high school, it was titled “Desperate Measures”. It was set in the future, on an Earth that you wouldn’t even recognize except for the fact that it shared earth-like vegetation and bodies of water, and humans, and human built stuff. I tried to combine all the story elements I had noticed at that point myself – politics and buy phentermine political scandal, love and relationships, deceit and betrayal, good guys who are really bad (and vice versa), following the lives and stories of both “everyday” characters as well as the highest ranking people in the story, and featuring the points of view of multiple separate nations/factions. Maybe I was just too ambitious and ahead of my time trying to write that way.

I think I wrote maybe about 40% of the planned plotline of the book. I never came up with an ending, I hoping it would just occur to me and fall into place by the end. I think I stopped writing when I got into music. And then I spent the better part of the next decade focused almost exclusively on writing and producing music.

But I’ve always wanted to finish a book too. My problem now is I can’t write for very long. I have so many ideas, and the further I go into any idea usually the more I start to feel it’s not as good and I think I have another better idea and I’ll start working on that. I still don’t have an ending idea for that book, and if I tried to re-write it now, it would likely be very derivative of a lot of stories I’ve seen and liked since.

I’m able to write articles on Medium because they’re typically topical, and the ideas are manageable enough that I can write a 4-8 minute piece (read length according to the site) fairly easily. So I can generate a series of shortish articles that may loosely follow a narrative. But writing fiction is a lot harder.

Even writing music for concept albums as I did, was tricky, but again, writing eight 3 minute songs is a lot easier than trying to write one single continuous 24 minute piece of music that changes style or mood 8 different times. Same idea.

So I guess if I were to go back and attempt to write a novel now, I would have to approach it like that. Take it one chapter at a time, what sequence of events do I want to transpire, and just write them one by one. But I still need an ending, and I still need to have a story I like enough that I don’t abandon it halfway through.

With that all said, here is a video a friend shared with me the other day, and I also relate to it for similar reasons:

Niche Markets: An imperfect analogy for the melting pot of social culture

This is an excerpt of my latest Medium article.

Humans are social creatures for the most part, some more than others. We often bond over food and drinks, athletic activities or arts and entertainment, among other things.

Imagine for a moment, that you are walking freely in a group of people, down a large, long hallway. Above each door in the hallway is a sign that lists a thing that people like—music, sports, film or novel, activity, etc. As you go down this hallway, people from the group are stopping at various doors, opening them and going into the rooms beyond.

As you keep walking, you rubber-neck, most people seem to be going through the same doors, and there’s already a lot of people in those rooms, and they’re talking, laughing, even exchanging high fives.

And you keep walking vente en ligne viagra. You haven’t felt strongly pulled towards any of these doors so far. The people that choose the doors that you pass, they seem like perfectly good people, you’re sure you would get along with any of them under the right circumstances, but they feel more of a connection to the theme of those rooms than you do.

You pass more and more doors, the group has thinned. Many people have already split off and chosen their rooms. You start to look around at the people left in your remaining unfiltered group. They’re eclectic, just as you see yourself.

Finally, you find some doors you feel a connection to. You find the thing that resonates with you, and you end up in the room with others who resonate with it too.

You look around at your company. The room isn’t packed, but there’s not a lot of people either. Everyone might be a little hesitant, shy, or awkward. No one really wants to speak first, and if they do, they aren’t sure what to say.

These are the people who know they love a thing, and at the end of the day, that’s all that truly matters to them. They don’t necessarily care that anyone else likes it, and they don’t need to like it with other people.

Read the rest here.

“Fair use” does not mean you can use it just because you said “fair use!”

CGP Grey touched on this in one of the episodes of his podcast, titled “Copyright Not Intended”, where he basically railed (politely) on people who knowingly steal or re-appropriate content without sufficient permission, especially when that person ends up profiting off the theft. Grey said that when he has contacted some of these people, they have simply replied with “fair use!” or “copyright not intended”. I have also seen in the description of many YouTube uploads of songs/music videos by bands “I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO ANY OF THIS CONTENT”, as if posting that makes it OK.

When I went to write my blog post about Autism, I had planned to feature several quotations and citations from the book I had just finished reading, and since I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for Temple Grandin, I didn’t want to post all those citations and end up pissing her off that I quoted crucial parts of the book, which would arguably dissuade people from buying it because they already got the most important information. So I tried to describe what she talked about as much as possible and only quote certain parts.

I actually wrote that whole post, and then realized I should probably double check what constitutes “fair use” before hitting publish. I found this article: “What Every Writer Ought to Know about Fair Use and Copyright” by Joel Friedlander.

He describes how fair use works, and lists the 4 criteria that have to be met:

  1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
  2. the nature of the copyrighted work;
  3. the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
  4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

He provides 7 examples (some real, some fictional?) to help illustrate how these rules can be applied. One interesting aspect about these criteria is #3, as illustrated here:

Scenario 4: The magazine The Nation printed an excerpt from President Ford’s book on President Nixon. Although the excerpt was only a tiny part of the work, it was almost the only part anyone cared about. (Nixon’s comments when abdicating) Publisher sued.

Result: Court ruled it was not Fair Use. Most interesting was the Court’s analysis of Factor 3: although the amount copied was small, its substantiality was large. The Court was also influenced by the fact that The Nation obtained the manuscript surreptitiously and “scooped” the copyright owner’s intended serialization by several weeks.

I found the article very helpful, I recommend reading it yourself, and at the end of having read the article, I felt safe in publishing mine.

This blog is (at least for now), strictly non-profit, for educational purposes. The book I was citing was more for educational purposes (ie it wasn’t a book on marketing tips or sales strategies). While I did cite several passages, looking back there was definitely a lot more I wanted to quote but just couldn’t (the post was already quite long) and as I said, I tried to explain many of the concepts and ideas in my own words rather than quoting her. And in the end, I not only encouraged readers to buy the book multiple times but I hope that by reading what I wrote and the quotes I supplied, that you would be deftly curious to read it yourself, whether from a library or buying it.

My Autism post has been up for I think about a month or so now, and I have not received any requests to take it down or modify it. I don’t expect Temple is out there looking for blog posts that might be quoting from her book (she’s busy), but after I published it I also googled Autism and since the internet is already saturated with articles about it, lots of other websites/posts are going to get seen before mine. So I think I’m fairly safe.

But it’s definitely something I will be keeping in mind going forward, as I have several more books I want to read and I highly suspect I’ll want to quote from them as well. And if I ever start selling any kind of product or service through this site, that would instantly change the nature of my “fair use”.

So, I hope you learned something from this for yourself to keep in mind with your own writing. This is perhaps part of why when I write articles over on Medium, I tend to try to write as much from personal experience/observation as possible, and simply mention or link to pieces of content that have influenced my point of view. When the writing is 99% personal, there’s pretty much no need to worry about fair use (unless someone steals something I wrote, which to my knowledge has not happened as of yet).

Letters we don’t use anymore

This is a cool article I originally saw a year or two ago. Mental Floss breaks down “12 Letters That Didn’t Make the Alphabet”.

The first example is one you’ve probably seen before:

Have you ever seen a place that calls itself “ye olde whatever”? As it happens, that’s not a “y”, or, at least, it wasn’t supposed to be. Originally, it was an entirely different letter called thorn, which derived from the Old English runic alphabet, Futhark.

Thorn, which was pronounced exactly like the “th” in its name, is actually still around today in Icelandic. We replaced it with “th” over time—thorn fell out of use because Gothic-style scripting made the letters y and thorn look practically identical. And, since French printing presses didn’t have thorn anyway, it just became common to replace it with a y. Hence naming things like, “Ye Olde Magazine of Interesting Facts” (just as an example, of course)

Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered about the origin of the ampersand (“&”), look no further:

Today we just use it for stylistic purposes (and when we’ve run out of space in a text message or tweet), but the ampersand has had a long and storied history in English, and was actually frequently included as a 27th letter of the alphabet as recently as the 19th century.

In fact, it’s because of its placement in the alphabet that it gets its name. Originally, the character was simply called “and” or sometimes “et” (from the Latin word for and, which the ampersand is usually stylistically meant to resemble). However, when teaching children the alphabet, the & was often placed at the end, after Z, and recited as “and per se and,” meaning “and in and of itself” or “and standing on its own.”

So you’d have “w, x, y, z, and, per se, and.” Over time, the last bit morphed into “ampersand,” and it stuck even after we quit teaching it as part of the alphabet.

The rest of the article is really interesting too, so I recommend you go and read it.

Watch Movie Online Split (2017) subtitle english

Poster Movie Split 2017

Split (2017) HD

Director : M. Night Shyamalan.
Writer : M. Night Shyamalan.
Producer : Mark Bienstock, Jason Blum, M. Night Shyamalan.
Release : January 19, 2017
Country : United States of America.
Production Company : Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, Blinding Edge Pictures.
Language : English.
Runtime : 117 min.
Genre : Horror, Thriller.

Buy Now on Amazon Split (2017) Full Movie

‘Split’ is a movie genre Horror, was released in January 19, 2017. M. Night Shyamalan was directed this movie and starring by James McAvoy. This movie tell story about Though Kevin has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher, there remains one still submerged who is set to materialize and dominate all the others. Compelled to abduct three teenage girls led by the willful, observant Casey, Kevin reaches a war for survival among all of those contained within him—as well as everyone around him—as the walls between his compartments shatter apart.

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Want to learn another language? (particularly Spanish?)

Back between November 2012 and Feb 2013, I immersed myself in at first a casual, and later an intense course of self-study of Spanish, and at the end of that was able to stumble my way through basic conversations. I was far better at understanding what I read or heard than actually building the sentences needed to reply in my head and saying them.

I have put all the language learning resources that I found (and found useful) on the Resources page of this site, but for convenience, here they are as well: Continue reading